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About Shubh Healthcare Pathology Laboratories

Blood laboratories, also known as clinical or medical laboratories, are facilities where various tests and analyses are conducted on blood samples to aid in the diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of diseases and health conditions. These laboratories play a crucial role in healthcare by providing valuable information to doctors, researchers, and patients.


A vision statement outlines the long-term aspirations and desired future state of a healthcare organization. It describes the impact the organization aims to make on the healthcare industry or the communities it serves. A compelling vision statement inspires and motivates employees and stakeholders.


A mission statement articulates the fundamental purpose and core activities of a healthcare organization. It defines the primary focus and the unique value proposition of the organization. The mission statement often highlights the target audience, services provided, and the underlying principles guiding the organization's decisions and actions.

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May 2018
Wooden House
May 2018
Wooden House
May 2018

If you are facing difficulty scheduling an appointment or have any specific questions or concerns, it is advisable to directly contact the healthcare provider’s office for guidance and assistance.